I'’ve learned to trust in God since I was a little boy. I used to questioning about God. My parents had not a good relationship with each other. It is hard to delete in my mind sad scenes of ill treatment my mother suffered and me in the childhood. In 1975, when I was a teenager, I fell from the height of about six meters high (compared to a two-floor house), from the top of a mango tree. Suddenly the branch under my feet broke down while I was cutting off its branches around. At that moment I tried to grab something, but I did not succeed. It was when I had my first experience with God. I saw a movie of my whole life from that time back to the past with clearness of a HD TV ou even better. All of those scenes was going through before my eyes wide open in flash speed. They were scenes from when I was a child, at the high school and at the secondary school, things I had done no matter were good or bad. Everything was too fast, it is not possible to describe with details. However, it was in a way frightening. I was taken into an ambulance in a hurry with suspicion of fractures, my chest was in living flesh. I was afraid I had broken my spine. But miraculously, no bone was broken. At that time I was already a christian. When I took knowledge of the medical report I certainly must have thanked to God a lot for that. But that was just the beginning. 

PRIVATE EXPERIENCES. When I was a twelve-years-old little boy, I was at high school and got involved with a classmate in a street fight . Both of us rolled down on the ground, surrounded by several students. In the next week, I went to visit him and we made up with each other. Soon, we were already playing marble on the ground in his home and we became good friends. At that year, God honored me with being best student in my class. Time went by and my friend became a Gospel preacher (pastor). At the high school I was persecuted by gangs, boys aged eighteen years old or more just because of my Christian behaviour and treated me badly in the street. But because of my faith in Jesus I did not give up and at the end of that year I took the highest degree of the class in math in the final examination. I also won a Literature competition about the life of Castro Alves, a great brazilian writer among several students spread out the Rio de Janeiro state, not failing my memory, with the presence of several vips. Even so, I had no attention by my own family. I was always left behind, maybe because I was too shy. I never was stirred up to pursuit any promising career like Medicine or Engineering. Maybe I left Engineering college because of this bad inner feeling. But I needed to finish a university course. A few years later, I got an English-Portuguese teaching graduation diploma at a college, in order to improve myself in Portuguese because the English language I thought I had a good knowledge of since I was fourteen-years-old boy, when I got a 40 (forty) classes disc set with English conversation and Literature all together. I had studied at Yes English course, at British English course and an English-Portuguese Translation and Interpretation course. I also suceeded in getting a certification at Cambridge university, England, God’s' gift to me for my efforts. Since then, I’ve started to work as a interpreter of american missionaries for about twenty and five years.

GOD. My faith in God came from a deep conviction born by the process of hearing about a Creator God and his Son Jesus (Yeshua) sent to save the mankind. It came in a spontaneous way among a world of questionings about His existence and inner conflicts in the teenage while I read the Bible. I believe it became even stronger after passing through many deliverances He had given to me when I claimed for His name in danger moments, when my life was at stake. Lately, I have done several proofs of His care for me and for people I pray for and are many ones in diferent ways. Take for example when in 2005 I remembered about a great old friend I had about twenty years ago. I wondered about him with all those people that had known him very well and they all answered that knew nothing about his whereabouts, because he had gone away, leaving nothing behind and nobody knew anything about him. Most of those people said he had died, but I did not accept this possibility. Today I am living, after being married, forty five kilometers away from that place where we lived, in another city. I’d had never seen him for about twenty years. Disturbed with this thought I prayed to God about him. In that same week, on a Saturday morning when I was leaving the fitness center, exactly when I was crossing the street, a car came by me and someone put his head outside the window crying: “Hi, Eduardo, how are you?”. Imagine who was? That great old friend. Today he also became a Gospel preacher (pastor). Praise the Lord Jesus !!!

Another example, it was about a surgery I should pass through to take out kidney stones. I was suffering with strong pain, passing instead of urine blood. My bladder and kidney exams showed the existence of many kidney stones. After the preparatory exams I waited the surgery day. Then I prayed to the Lord and made new X-ray exams. Result? Nothing. No sign of kidney stones. I was completely cured.

One more example, a workmate, also in another job a bodyguard of famous artists, police informant and so on. For long years, now and then he persecuted me with violent theats. Reason: a letter with accusations of fraud in the company and illicit enrichment against him had been delivered to the company main staff. Who was the complainant? My name and another workmate’s signature were there in the letter. I would never have signed such letter.

There was a tense atmosphere against me and I wondered who could have forged and manipulated that document to incriminate me and upset so a violent guy. One day, feeling myself humiliated by his provocations and watching him always too slack and lazy, for the first time I made a complaint against him to the boss. What did he do? Instead of doing something to remedy the situation he created a intrigue about what I thought about him. So, he came full of anger against me threatening me saying that now he had something real to do with me at the end of the day. In fact, he followed me to the parking lot. I prayed to the Lord in my mind and when I opened the door of my car, a police car suddenly stopped right in front of my car with its headlights sweeping the car park. My persecutor followed ahead towards his car e did nothing but go away. He never threatened me again and chiefly because I had told him that my God was greater than his god. This is only a brief report of the deliverances God had been giving me, proving me He is near and caring about me.



O Temor do Senhor É o Princípio do Conhecimento !!! (Prov. 1.7)
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